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We are here to help you understand scientific Ayurveda which describes life as most mysterious and fascinating phenomenon that manifest when certain key components like Self, Mind, Senses and body coalesce together. Life exists as long as this coalition lasts and dissolves when the coalition disintegrates. Ayurveda means “Science of Aliveness” or “Science of life”.  Ayurveda describes three pillars of life such as -Fuelling (Aahara -Food), Resting (Nidra - Sleep) and Activities for achieving the highest goal (Brahmacharya), altogether can be considered as what life process is. All living beings are placed in a spacio-temporal matrix that changes to create both favorable and unfavorable circumstances to blossom to fullness. Disease is an obstacle that interferes with life from blooming to fullness.

Ayurveda is far beyond a medical system that approaches health and diseases alone. Ayurvedic subject matter has multidimensional perspective on life and life process.  Perhaps the only tradition in the world that describes scientifically, what is the purpose of our life on this earth plane. Everybody as an individual is so unique and special due to their mano guna (Qualities of mind) and Deha Prakruthi (inborn body constitution) which is a very important fact and should not be neglected. It’s not a coincidence that Ayurveda means knowledge of life. “Biology” and “medical science” cannot be the translation of the term Ayurveda. We are here to promote Scientific Ayurveda  and its practical knowledge to create efficient scholars and skilled technical practitioners in Ayurveda worldwide.

Almost all technical terms described in Ayurveda, like – Tridosha (Functional energy forces) , Pachabhoota (Great elemental forces), Agni (Tranforming energy), Ojas (magnetism ), Dathus (Tissues elements), Prana (Vital force) are all different energy principles that one can definitely sense within their body and also on others, without which practical Ayurveda is impossible. We are here a group of simple hearts, sharing you the basics of Ayurveda in a simple and easily understanding way. Only a strong foundation can help you as good Ayurvedic practitioner in future.

Our courses are designed by scholars to make you perfect in performing Kerala Ayurvedic treatments like Abyangam (Ayurvedic body massage), Shiro Dhara ( Medicated oil therapy for head),  Elakizhi (bag massage with Herbal leaf bolus), Podikizhi ( Bag massage with herbal powders), Netra Tharpanam ( Eye treatment in Ayurveda), Mukhalepam ( Beauty therapy and face packs) etc- and Panchakarma (Five cleansing therapy). Our experts can make you understand the body conditions in an Ayurvedic way to perform these therapies with high level of confidence.

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